Call Center Covid-19 Message for Customers

We are clearly in a period of time that most have never seen before. We at Solucenter International want you to know that we remain focused on our customers and partners while doing everything we can to protect our employees. We are undertaking the following measures for each of the following groups:

Solucenter International Admin support and service agents
Solucenter International is fully operational. We continue to provide, customer support, and professional services to our clients.

Our People

We have been working to protect the health of our teams, effective April 1st up to 90% of our office-based associates are working from home to minimize contact at our sites and facilities. With access to a comprehensive suite of communications tools and platforms, our associates are fully equipped and prepared to continue to engage with their teams, customers, and partners effectively.

As part of our Business Continuity Plan we have readjusted to offer remote work (WAH) as a long term strategy based on Federal guidance. This choice is made to minimize exposure of our team to COVID-19, keep them healthy, and minimize the spread of the virus.

Our resources

The Solucenter International framework for enabling customer service agents to successfully work from home is based on the following elements:

  • Foundation: Build a seamless, flexible and robust WFH foundation
  • Planning: Forecast and schedule accurately a WFH environment
  • Visibility: Gain Visibility and Understand Employee and Customer activities
  • Performance: Measure and enhance agent Measure, Manage and Improve WFH Employee Behavior
  • Engagement: Listen, Learn and Motivate WFH Employees


We are committed to our people, our customers and our partners around the US and are working relentlessly to navigate this unprecedented challenge together.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe.